Statement of Work

Engaging with William Alexander Consulting enables you to access to the very best expertise from the UK’s flexible, contractor workforce without any risks from IR35.  

We do this by transforming the way you engage resources from recruitment-based engagements into outcome-based services engagements underneath Statements of Work (SoW).

This approach brings a number of additional  benefits that you wouldn’t get from simply hiring contractors.


William Alexander Consulting provides you with a ‘fully contracted-out service’ (as defined by HMRC), removing all your IR35 liabilities as we become both the ‘fee payer’ and ‘hirer’.


As we are the hirer, we are the ones who are responsible for assessing all our contractor engagements for IR35, we are the ones who need to issue Status Determination Statements and we are the ones who need to manage any IR35 status disputes. 


A significant proportion of our charges will only be payable following your acceptance of the deliverables stated in the SoW, meaning you will not pay us unless we deliver what you want.


William Alexander Consulting will transform your high-level project requirements into detailed deliverables for each of our contractor Associates and link payment milestones to each of their deliverables.

This means that both William Alexander and our contract Associates are incentivised to deliver the outcomes you want, not just on getting timesheets authorised.


Our Engagement Manager will take ownership of any day  to day contractor line management duties freeing your line managers up to do more valuable work.


You would need to pay a contractor £648 per day in order for them to have the same take home pay as they would be on £500 per day outside IR35 (an increase of 29%).

By engaging our contractors outside IR35 William Alexander Consulting can provide you with all of the valuable benefits outlined above at a price lower than you would need to pay the same resources inside IR35 on the open market and far cheaper than if you were using a traditional consultancy.

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